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Top Three Competitive Analysis Tools To Discover Your Competitor’s Ads In 2020



While everyone is trying to grow their brand on social media, it’s genuine to talk about a topic that’s slightly embarrassing to some marketers.




Regardless of the industry you are in, you have to undergo the complicated game of marketing in order to grab the audience's attention. The competition is getting robust with the availability of so many marketing channels.


Read the above paragraph twice, and think over it.


Marketers are struggling for traffic, ad clicks, sales leads, followers, and this list goes on. Based on these facts, the idea of competitive analysis no longer remains an option, but it becomes a necessity.


Reason Why Competitive Analysis Is A Must.


No matter how popular your brand is -everlasting customer loyalty is hard to expect. Running a competitive analysis becomes crucial when it comes to determining your brand’s position in the market. 


Though competitive analysis is widespread among the businesses, we can easily get to hear questions like:-


  • What does competitive analysis exactly mean?
  • Is it indeed a great deal?


Meaning: Before the development of internet technology and social media, it was quite challenging for brands to determine their reputation. Now, businesses can conveniently compare their brands with Competitor Ads to find out which is trendier.


And, the competitive analysis makes it possible for brands to know everything about their customers which has a high impact on enterprise success. That’s the reason why competitive analysis is such a big deal.


List Of Top Competitor Analysis Tool Available out There.

Sprout Social

Sprout social got ranked as the No.1 platform for connecting with the audience and is one of the best places to get started with competitive analysis. This compelling tool allows you to study your competitors from different perspectives. Furthermore, you can take the help of its suite of competitive reports to figure out essential metrics across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to compare it with your business profile.


From getting a glance at your competitor’s social media activity to comparing your growth against the average growth of all your competitor’s profiles, everything is possible within an easy click. Plus, you don’t need to bother the preparation of messy spreadsheets or lengthy manual reports anymore.




It is among the leading Facebook marketing tools. Being a Facebook-centralized tool, PowerAdSpy provides you with the facility to spy on your competitor’s ads, without letting them know. Since the marketing world is volatile, this efficient tool continues to bring monthly updates to help marketers in walking shoulder-to-shoulder with their competitors. It’s quite straightforward to search for ads through niche, keywords, audience demographics, as well as industry. Marketers feel passionate about its feature of managing all sorts of activities at a single dashboard. They feel convenient to monitor their competitor’s campaign, their recently-published ads, and find out shortcomings of their ads copies.

When things are done systematically, PowerAdSpy guarantees your victory over the competitors. You will be able to run a successful competitive analysis for your company using this tool.

Social Blade


Social Blade is an amusing tool for researching major brands. It evaluates the number of followers on the basis of likes received on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts. However, this tool is commonly used to count down the popularity of celebrities, it also acts as a window of opportunity for marketers.

For instance, your Twitter profile will get a grade according to the average number of likes and Retweets received. Additionally, Social Blade offers daily followers update, and keep a sharp eye on increase/decrease in followers. As a result, the tool proves to be a great means of revealing the fundamentals of your competitor’s social profiles, which is crucial for comprehensive competitor analysis.



From the stuff given here, it’s worth to say that competitive analysis is a significant part of aligning your social media marketing strategy. By choosing the right tools, you can run competitive analysis promptly, and save time to spend on other mandatory activities. The selection of tools also relies much on the fact of how often you spy on your competitor’s ads or what are your business needs.



Looking For A Tool To Spy On Your Competitors? See This video:-


3 Craft Ways to Use Facebook to Spy on Your Competitors



You may often wonder what successful businessmen have that you don’t. Right! As we know Facebook has become one of the most dominant and influential social media platforms of today’s generation. With 2.32 billion and counting monthly active users, Facebook is considered as the biggest social media networking landscape nowadays in all over the globe. Being such a huge platform, Facebook consists of various exposed as well as hidden facets that can really reduce your business marketing endeavors in no time.


Inspiration needs in every field in order to do something extraordinary and better than others. In the same manner, for creating marketing strategies superior to your business rivals, you need inspiration that you could use as ideas and implement in your own creations. Below are some of the most crafty ways by which you can use Facebook as a supreme spying cum marketing tool for your business. So let’s find out!!


Make use of the Facebook API graph as an insight into your business competitors:



The framework that holds all the data and information regarding Facebook businesses and their marketing aspects is called Facebook API graph.


Back in the days, people can easily access all the data regarding Facebook stored about each and every business organizations and users. But after various unethical incidents of hacking, Facebook has become extremely strict in relation to provide access to Facebook API graph to unknown people.


Still, there are some ways which you can use to spy on your competitors inside the Facebook API graph. There are some sites that allow you to explore data of Facebook different pages. You have to just enter the username and everything gets revealed.


Learn about your business rivals messaging strategies:


Facebook messenger plays an important role with respect to diverse marketing strategies. It is true that most of the marketers assume and take messenger for granted. If you too then doing a blunder!! Facebook messenger is here to stay. Facebook consistently keep track of accounts making use of its messenger. The best part about the Facebook Messenger is that by using it you can easily sneak into the marketing plans of your competitors. All you have to do is to visit their Facebook page and check it out deeply. Below are the things you have to check out in your business competitors page:


Average response time- By seeing their average response time, you can easily indicate how much their marketing strategy is based on messenger and that will definitely provide you the paradigm about your own Facebook page engagement.


Messenger bot- If your business rivals are using messenger bot then you can simply converse with it from their page only without hiding any secret.

Scrutinize about your competitor's ads:


This is one of the most trendy tactics getting used by marketers these days in order to get an exact idea about the marketing strategies of other influential people on Facebook. Manually, it is a very daunting task but can be done easily with the help of tools like Poweradspy.


These are the top three cunning ways by which you can spy on your business rivals like professional.

Facebook Canvas Ads: Best Opportunity For Advertisers To Impress Searchers



A few weeks ago, Google has launched its AMP project that stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. The primary aim of this project is to make people lack interest from their mobile apps and get inspired to use the search engine more to discover content. It's is a ploy!! In this, Google has created a shrewd work frame by striping the complex coding part and provides liberty to advertisers to offer extraordinary content to the audience in more than no time as compared to the stuff we are usually up on mobile phones.


When Google is trying to ditch people from their mobile applications, then at the same time Facebook is making every possible effort to lure the audience with its mobile experience and the biggest proof of this thing are Facebook Canvas ads. Now the battle has begun!!!


Why Facebook and Google are concerned about the mobile audience?

According to the latest scenario, mobile internet speed all across the world is extremely slow. As most of the people around the world are accessing Facebook via mobile. That’s why it is trying every beat to make people’s mobile experience better and the best. Well, access to websites via mobile has also become a hassle many times and annoy people like hell. So, Facebook has launched Canvas ad format in order to provide searchers an experience that gives them a feel of micro-site and directed them towards a wonderful full-screen ad moment.


It is obvious that business concern towards mobile users get increased as after when mobile web users suppressed the desktop internet users in the year 2014. Both Facebook and Google are trying to provide enhanced mobile experience for people. Well, only time will tell how much Facebook’s canvas and Google’s AMP work or not. Although, recent studies are revealing that advertisers constantly tilting towards the use of Canvas ads for their brand exposure. Facebook also claiming that 53% of viewers that opens a canvas ad see at least half of it and the average view time per ad is surprisingly 31 seconds.


What really are Facebook canvas ads?


As per the definition of Facebook, Canvas is a full-screen experience created in order to alive business's brand and products on mobile. It permits advertisers and marketers to display completely intriguing, vehemently impressive, and extraordinary ads to the audience out there in front of the mobile screen. That's definitely junked out the need of users to especially clicking out of the Facebook landscape to engage with excellent mobile content.


As we all are told with power comes responsibility, the same happens with Canvas ad. It somehow challenging for advertisers to publish ads that should be convincing as well as of excellent quality in the crowd of millions of people. Advertisers are looking for creative ideas and brand content on mobile apps as per the latest data.


At an initial glimpse, Canvas ads may get mistaken as a regular news feed ad format which they are not. Although, after tapping on the click button, viewers redirected towards an amusing full-screen ad jiff consist of high-quality videos, Gifs, images, and call-to-action examples.


Canvas ads if will get used properly by publishers then definitely can change the standard of ads, getting served on the social media platforms.


5 Things You Should Probably Know About writing Facebook Ads Copy In 2019



Writing outstanding is just like writing interesting and authorized books. In the field of social media advertising, there are wide opportunities available for businesses to highlight their brand using effective ads. With correct consistency of strategies, planning, and technology, you will learn essentials of writing Facebook ads copy and in this way, you will be able to appeal more people and telling reasons for switching to your brand.

Are you looking for creative ideas to make your Facebook ads productive, then this the right place for you. Here, In this article, we are going to examine a few techniques given by experts in order to appeal to visitors for shifting to your brand.

Envelop breach testing

Facebook ads perform better when it is designed according to your targeted audience. Your targeted group is divided into a various section that remains within. Even if you target audience lies between the age of 18 to 30 but you will not be getting an equal response from all of them. For instance, fashion ads might be the priority of younger readers more than women over the age of 25. To get rid of this inconvenience, create ads that would cover the interests of your entire targeted audience. For this, you can try a different version at the time of writing ad copy and determine which one is suitable for the readers.

Create great ads with Facebook Pixel


If we look back a decade, there were similarities in ads format, no matter they are created for a daily use product or gadgets, lack of uniqueness was found in all the ads. Fortunately, that scenario has been changed and we have moved far away from earlier advertising approaches. With the help of Facebook handy tools like Facebook ad manager and Facebook pixel, advertisers get the ability to design ads to fulfill the need of their targeted audience on Facebook.

Alignment is necessary for your ad copy

Can you imagine a picture of the latest Rolex watch without its crown shaped logo on the top? The answer is a big ‘No’, this same strategy applies in your ad copy as well. The content you are using for ad designing must be filled with all the essentials of an ideal ad copy. Moreover, Images should define your brand (niche of business), better ideas can be generated by viewing thousands of ad copy available over Facebook.

Focus on clicks instead of brand


Though your product or service reliable and trustworthy as a fact, it doesn’t matters much. At the time of promotion, it’s better to make efforts for your ads to grab more likes, clicks, and views because these are the things readers notice when they visit on your ads first. Rather than describing your company’s past achievement, you can grab people’s attention by simply telling them the value of your product and what benefit they will be getting using it. The more people will aware of your product, the more they lean towards the possibility of buying it.