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3 Craft Ways to Use Facebook to Spy on Your Competitors



You may often wonder what successful businessmen have that you don’t. Right! As we know Facebook has become one of the most dominant and influential social media platforms of today’s generation. With 2.32 billion and counting monthly active users, Facebook is considered as the biggest social media networking landscape nowadays in all over the globe. Being such a huge platform, Facebook consists of various exposed as well as hidden facets that can really reduce your business marketing endeavors in no time.


Inspiration needs in every field in order to do something extraordinary and better than others. In the same manner, for creating marketing strategies superior to your business rivals, you need inspiration that you could use as ideas and implement in your own creations. Below are some of the most crafty ways by which you can use Facebook as a supreme spying cum marketing tool for your business. So let’s find out!!


Make use of the Facebook API graph as an insight into your business competitors:



The framework that holds all the data and information regarding Facebook businesses and their marketing aspects is called Facebook API graph.


Back in the days, people can easily access all the data regarding Facebook stored about each and every business organizations and users. But after various unethical incidents of hacking, Facebook has become extremely strict in relation to provide access to Facebook API graph to unknown people.


Still, there are some ways which you can use to spy on your competitors inside the Facebook API graph. There are some sites that allow you to explore data of Facebook different pages. You have to just enter the username and everything gets revealed.


Learn about your business rivals messaging strategies:


Facebook messenger plays an important role with respect to diverse marketing strategies. It is true that most of the marketers assume and take messenger for granted. If you too then doing a blunder!! Facebook messenger is here to stay. Facebook consistently keep track of accounts making use of its messenger. The best part about the Facebook Messenger is that by using it you can easily sneak into the marketing plans of your competitors. All you have to do is to visit their Facebook page and check it out deeply. Below are the things you have to check out in your business competitors page:


Average response time- By seeing their average response time, you can easily indicate how much their marketing strategy is based on messenger and that will definitely provide you the paradigm about your own Facebook page engagement.


Messenger bot- If your business rivals are using messenger bot then you can simply converse with it from their page only without hiding any secret.

Scrutinize about your competitor's ads:


This is one of the most trendy tactics getting used by marketers these days in order to get an exact idea about the marketing strategies of other influential people on Facebook. Manually, it is a very daunting task but can be done easily with the help of tools like Poweradspy.


These are the top three cunning ways by which you can spy on your business rivals like professional.

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